Buying property in Ibiza

Are you interested in purchasing a property in Ibiza? At Bufete Frau we are specialists in Real Estate Law. If you wish the backing of a worthy company, don’t hesitate in visiting our office. We will assist you in all that you require, offering guidance and the best advise available.

With more than 20 years practise in real estate matters, offering our experience and full legal advise. Additionally if you wish to find specialists for the administration of a property in Mallorca, our team will be at your full disposal to resolve any questions that may arise.

Bufete Frau has sound experience in Real Estate Law, but also in that of Construction and Planning. We are, therefore, able to provide global knowledge in legal, court, and out of court matters, both to private individuals as well as companies. Do you require assistance? Contact us as soon as possible!

Buying property in Ibiza

The easiest way to purchase a property in Ibiza

If you have been insistently looking to purchase a property in Ibiza, we would advise you to be certain and place yourselves in the best hands in this area. Allow our experts to advise and guide you concerning the best alternatives. We offer you a personalized attention, always placing your interests in first position.

From Bufete Frau we are able to provide you with the best service of real estate lawyer in Mallorca and Ibiza. Our wide knowledge of law and languages allows us to hold a portfolio of national and international clients. To all we have given full and customised advise, resolving any doubts they may have had.

Now you know. Bufete Frau is your trustworthy office to negotiate any property in Mallorca and Ibiza. Place your trust in the best professionals in the sector and put your mind at rest that only a leading trademark can offer you. We look forward to seeing you!

Buying property in Ibiza

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